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Easy payment plans + 2-3 day delivery*


One of the most underrated and underused furnishings in the bedroom is the ‘lowly’ headboard. Like a great work of art, a headboard gets its start as a blank canvas on which you can express your individuality and unique style.

Whether purchased as-is from a store or custom designed, the headboard design choices available are endless ranging from a simple DIY fabric-covered wood board to an actual piece of furniture with lighting, shelves and built-in night tables (discount furniture).

Which headboard is right for me?

What is the size of the bed?

If your bed does not come with a headboard, make sure whatever style of headboard you chose does not overwhelm the size of the bed. Make sure the headboard does not extend more than a food on either side of your mattress.

Do you want something that is both beautiful but practical and easy?

-You might want to consider buying a bedroom suite that includes a bed frame with a built-in headboard that contains shelving or cubbies.

Do you want it to pop out of the wall, or blend in with its surroundings?

-Hang a striking tapestry or rug, or alternatively, paint a “headboard” in a color one or two shades darker than your wall color, or just suggest the “idea” of a headboard by hanging delicate fairy lights behind the head of the bed.

What is the size of your room?

In a small room, consider something quirky but practical, like making a headboard out of cork so you can change up the décor by rotating photographs, banners, inspirational sayings; the sky is the limit! In a large room, shop the antique market for discarded wooden doors or wrought iron fencing that can be repurposed into a one-of a kind headboard masterpiece (bedroom furniture).

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